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Parental Engagement in Immigrant Families & Promoting Academic Success

This white paper addresses various topics related to immigrant populations in the United States and bilingual education. It discusses the growing immigrant population in America, the history of bilingual education, the importance of effective communication between schools and ESL parents, strategies for inclusive parent-teacher meetings, how language translation software can drive engagement, the use of Bloomz automatic translation tools, cultural norms and expectations of immigrant parents, challenges facing immigrant families, and the importance of representation in education.

Understanding PBIS Behavior Management

This white paper provides an overview of PBIS behavior management, its history, and its impact on students and teachers. PBIS is a systematic approach to managing and improving behavior in schools, focusing on creating a positive and supportive environment. It emphasizes prevention rather than punishment, using evidence-based strategies and data-driven decision-making. PBIS has been shown to reduce discipline referrals and improve overall school safety, as well as improve academic achievement and develop students' social and emotional skills.

Bloomz Provides Equitable School Communication with Language Translation

The press release announces that Bloomz, a communication platform for schools, is introducing a new language translation feature. This feature aims to provide equitable communication between schools and families with diverse linguistic backgrounds. This innovation further emphasizes Bloomz's commitment to promoting inclusivity and fostering effective communication within the education community.

Chatting with the Federal Programs Specialist for Round Rock ISD

The blog entry provides insights from a conversation with the Federal Programs Specialist for Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD). The specialist discusses how they manage the district's federal programs and explains the importance of collaborating with other departments to ensure effective utilization of funds. They also highlight the significance of clear communication and rigorous compliance with regulations in maximizing the impact of federal funds on student achievement.

How the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed School Communication

The article discusses how the Covid-19 pandemic forced schools to adopt new communication methods. The sudden shift to remote learning presented challenges in keeping parents, students, and teachers connected. School communication apps like Bloomz emerged as valuable tools, enabling schools to share updates and information efficiently. These apps fostered parental engagement and are likely to remain integral to education even as schools adapt to the post-pandemic landscape.

Bloomz Wins Tech & Learning Award of Excellence for Back to School 2023

This is an article about Bloomz winning a Tech & Learning Award. It discusses what the award is for and why Bloomz won. Bloomz is a communication app designed to help schools improve communication, collaboration, and engagement. Some of the features of Bloomz include secure messaging, student portfolios, and a behavior management system.

Bloomz Vs Remind

This is an article comparing Bloomz, a communication app for schools, to a similar app called Remind. The author argues that Bloomz is the more comprehensive option, offering features like calendar importing, volunteer sign-ups, student portfolio sharing, and behavior management tools, which Remind lacks. Overall, the article positions Bloomz as the superior choice for schools seeking a feature-rich communication platform.

Bloomz to Showcase Innovative Parent-Teacher Communication App at SC EdTech 2023

This article is about Bloomz attending the SC EdTech 2023 conference. Bloomz was showcasing their app for parent-teacher communication, which is designed to improve communication and engagement between parents, students, and teachers.

Chatting with the Executive Director of Technology, Safety & Security at Wenatchee Public Schools

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Four Myths about Habitat for Humanity

This article dispels four common myths about Habitat for Humanity. It clarifies that Habitat for Humanity doesn't give away houses, but sells them to qualified buyers who contribute sweat equity hours. The organization was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller and Clarence Jordan, not Jimmy Carter. Finally, Habitat for Humanity welcomes volunteers with no construction experience and provides training.

Homeowner Spotlight: The Jones Family

This is an article about a woman named Shavon Jones and her family moving into a new home built by Habitat for Humanity. Shavon and her five children were living in a two-bedroom apartment that was too small for their needs. Shavon was working hard to provide for her family, but she couldn't afford to rent a larger place. Habitat for Humanity helped Shavon and her family purchase a five-bedroom home.

AmeriCorps Spotlight: Mackenzie Powell

This is an article about a volunteer named Mackenzie Powell who is serving with AmeriCorps at Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King & Kittitas Counties. Mackenzie joined AmeriCorps in order to give back to the community before continuing her education. She has been working on the Lake City construction site and enjoys working with the partner families. Mackenzie finds her work at Habitat rewarding because she believes everyone deserves a house.

Meet our Newest Habitat Family

This is an article about a family who Habitat for Humanity helped purchase a home. The family is originally from Ethiopia and moved to the United States in 2005. They struggled to afford a home in the Seattle area until they learned about Habitat for Humanity. The family is excited to be a part of the Habitat family.

Project Management Software Solutions

This is an article about project management software solutions. It discusses four popular tools: Trello, Kanban Flow, Monday.com, and Asana. Each tool is described and its features are compared. Trello is the simplest and most affordable option. Kanban Flow is similar to Trello but has a better user interface. Monday.com is more powerful and customizable than Trello or Kanban Flow, but it is also more expensive. Asana is very similar to Monday.com, but it is slightly cheaper. The best tool for you will depend on your needs and budget.

The Best Free and Low Cost Writing Software in 2019

The blog post, penned by the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP), aims to help legal professionals move beyond Microsoft Word for writing tasks. Recognizing its basic spell-checking limitations, LSNTAP curates a selection of "handy" free and low-cost writing software alternatives. Google Docs, the frontrunner for its free access and collaborative features, takes center stage. The article hints at exploring other software options as well, suggesting potential benefits for legal writers seeking more comprehensive tools.

10 Tips for Cyber Security

This blog post provides 10 practical cybersecurity tips for legal organizations. It emphasizes the importance of strong password management, keeping software updated, exercising caution on public Wi-Fi, and implementing data backups. Additionally, it recommends using VPNs for secure remote access and employing extensions like HTTPS Everywhere to enhance online security.