Website Design Portfolio

All my designs are wire framed, mocked up in Photoshop and then hand coded in Notepad & Dreamweaver using HTML / CSS. All the sites I make are cross browser compatible, optimized for loading time and Search Engine Optimized.

Created for Rotovac Corporation

This is a Shopfiy website created with the goal of being able to sell all of Rotovac’s products online. Previously the only way for anyone to purchase products was to call in and speak to a salesmen. Prosupply lets people order equipment and chemicals online whenever they want. I designed this website using wireframes and then Photoshop and was built out using PHP and shopify.

Created for 3M Dental Marketing

This is an example of a landing page I made for a Google Adwords account. The page is intentionally very simplistic with multiple calls for action and as few distractions as possible. There is a custom "funnel" form on it that asks them three questions in a row which "qualifys" the lead and makes them more likely to actually convert.

Created for Jane Adams PHD

I met Jane many years ago right after I graduated from school, and hers was one of my very first WordPress websites I made from scratch. The site has gone through a few different layouts, the last of which was “rose” themed and had a lot of bright greens and reds. For this most recent layout, we decided that a more simple, less distracting minimalist setup might be the best option. This theme was created with the thought that since the site has a lot of content, it would be best to minimize any distracting elements.

Created for Myself!

I’ve recently got into screen printing t-shirts as a sort of a hobby and have been designing a lot of political shirts. This website was created using the Shopify platform which I have gotten quite good at editing and optimizing. I chose a beach / cat theme for this quite by random and designed the company using these particular themes.

Created for Myself!

Since I have been working for a company that makes industrial carpet cleaning equipment for the last three years, it seemed only natural that I purchase the equipment we sell and attempt to make some extra money. I hired an employee, bought a van and starting promoting my site on the search engines. Right now I just have my worker doing one or two jobs a week, but it’s a good additional source of income and is one of the prettier carpet cleaning company websites I have made so far since I started working at Rotovac.

Created for Lavante Elegen

This site was meant to be simple – simple, clean and direct. Lavante didn’t want any frills, he wanted everything to be streamlined and clean so I spent some time making this site as open and easy to navigate as possible. The slideshow feature was added in using javascript and ads an element of fun to the overall site which was completed in Febuary of 2012. Lavante is a local Seattle carpet cleaner and we periodically trade notes on the industry.

Created for Rotovac Corporation

A site created to sell the wide variety of tile and grout cleaning tools, equipment and chemicals sold by Rotovac. Products are organized by category and range from larger expensive items like portable extractors and tile cleaning wands, to less expensive cleaning agents and chemicals. This was a custom theme I built just for this project, and was specially designed to promote the products for sale.

Created for Cliff Wilson

The owner of a small concrete delivery company outside of Seattle approached me on Craigslist to build him a website for his small business. This was a quick build, militaristic and simple. It was optimized for the Seattle area and with a bit of link building I was able to secure him the #1 position for “concrete delivery Seattle” which to this day is a significant source of business for his company, himself and his drivers.

Created for Rotovac Corporation

Helped work on this simple but large website – redoing the menu and adding hundreds of new products over the course of my employment at the Rotovac Corporation in Bothell Washington. I helped SEO the website and got it in a top four position for many different carpet cleaning industry keywords that help generate new business.

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